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No doubt about it, Asian ladyboys are the most feminine ones in the world. I lost track how many times I asked myself if it`s really a girl or ladyboy. Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand have a huge number of cute Ladyboys walking the streets at any given time. Sometimes I just sit down in a street cafe, have a beer and watch the crowd walk by. Unbelievable eye candy and a good way to kill a few hours until the ladyboy bars open their doors. Another great way to meet Shemales is the internet. Sites like Tranny Cam Models specializes on Asian ladyboys, most of them from the Philippines and Thailand. Give it a try next time you are looking for some extra meat. Believe me, you won`t regret this new sexual experience !

Ladyboy from Asia

Asian ladyboys are abundant in the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand !

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